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Storing Leads to CRM

In the previous post, I wrote about tracking the leads now we are moving on to the next phase – storing the lead. I do not know what is the best software to manage the lead – you can use Hubspot, internal CRM or Google Sheets. But the whole point is to push it somewhere […]

Form Submission Tracking for Lead Generation Campaign

There will be a time when you as a marketer, want to run a lead generation campaign and you are redirecting the traffic to your website. I am not sure of the best practices but for me, I will always go for Conversion – Lead from Facebook Ads Manager. I will not be covering how […]

Google Analytics 4 : Ecommerce Side of Thing

I think this post might have questions more than answers. Decided to post anyway so I can revisit this again in the future. Questions: 1 – Data freshness. How delayed is the reporting going to be? 2 – Onsite platform analytics or GA 4? 3 – Facebook ads attribution vs GA attribution 4 – Discrediting […]

Stripping Tags To Improve Caching Performance

Cache or CDN treat URL with parameters differently hence every click that are coming from social media in particularly paid ads such as Facebook or even Google, comes with their tracking UID append at then of URL such as fblicd or gclid. If you ever need to remove this, here are the NGINX config. At […]

Target ROAS : The Bigger Picture

Dalam post sebelum ni, saya ada berkongsi mengenai Breakeven ROAS di mana dengan mudah, segala aktiviti pengiklanan kita ni, kita boleh tahu samada ianya menghasilkan keuntungan atau sebaliknya. Breakeven ROAS adalah “black and white in a bigger picture”. Sekilas pandang, sudah tahu. Untung atau rugi. Begitulah saya guna Breakeven ROAS ni. Bagaimana pula dengan Target […]

Auto Sort Google Sheet

Well, I’m sure if you are using a bunch of Google Sheet to daily stuff like tracking your expenses, you might want it to be sorted by some column. In my case, I want to be sorted by date. This is my Google Sheet looks like the end of the month, I will submit my […]

Breakeven ROAS : Berapakah Minimum ROAS Yang Anda Perlu Target?

Seperti yang kita tahu, ROAS atau nama panjangnya adalah Return on Ad Spent merujuk kepada pulangan dari segi bentuk jualan dibandingkan dengan perbelanjaan iklan. Anda mesti selalu dengar mengenai marketer selalu bercerita berkenaan ROAS 10, 6, 20 dan pelbagai nombor dan anda tertanya-tanya, kenapa anda sendiri tak dapat capai nombor tersebut? Ada juga yang menyatakan […]

Shopify : Automatically Add Product To Cart / Checkout

Coming from Woocommerce world, we have a pretty simple way to add the product to checkout by just using The use cases for this is simply when we’re developing the landing pages, we’re going to have the bundle selection. When user click the button, it will automatically redirect to checkout with the product in […]

WP-Rocket : Delay JS/CS Causing Facebook Pixel Not To Load Properly

These particular setting, by nature it’s okay for other assets however for tracking purposes, the pixel or tag might fire later after the interaction. This is not the best practise. Therefore, we need to exclude PixelYourSite (our preferred tracking plugin) from being optimized or delay. Solution After numerous attempt to exclude PYS from being optimized, […]

Restoring WordPress using UpdraftPlus CLI

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