Shopee Ads : Auto vs Manual Selected Bid

I am runnning the Shopee ads for this brand for quite sometime now and was curious how the manual bid perform. Below is the results of manual bid.

ROAS was around 1.43 nearly breakeven.

The below picture is the performance on auto bid. Clearly, the performance is so much better. With ROAS around 5.03. That’s almost 500% performance drop because I was doing auto first before manual bid.

Manual bid was mainly choosing the keywords that I think going to resonate with the customers, some competitor keywords as well.

Clearly, the auto bid perform well.

Right now, I am switching back from manual to auto and going to see how’s the performance.

Perhaps, auto bid is the way to go.

Return again to this blog in 1 week time as I will update the results from the transition.

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