Storing Leads to CRM

In the previous post, I wrote about tracking the leads now we are moving on to the next phase – storing the lead.

I do not know what is the best software to manage the lead – you can use Hubspot, internal CRM or Google Sheets. But the whole point is to push it somewhere that you can manage it properly.

In this post, we will a simple tutorial on how we capture the leads from our opt-in, and then push it to Google Sheets and ClickUp.

The flow will look like below:

On the agency side, we’re running our lead gen campaign – from ads to opt-in page, then from there pushing the leads to our CRM – our CRM consists of Google Sheet and ClickUp. You can use any software as you wish as long as there is an API to connect with your CRM, we can pretty much execute this.

So there are two parts. The first part is the setup in Funnelkit. The second part is the automation in Make or formerly known as Integromat.

Funnelkit Automation

Once the lead submits their details, I will tag the lead based on the campaign, then add them to our list for nurturing then send the data to Make using webhook.

Form Submit

Straight forward.

Select the form, and mapping the field.

Send Data To Make

Depending on how complex your field is on the form, you need to map each one of it so it can be pass through Make.

In the screenshot above, you can see the mapping of first_name, last_name etc.

Then you will see on the right-hand side, the “optin_form_field field=”xxx”.

Now here is the best practice that I discovered while doing this tutorial.

You need to have a standard on the form field name or ID so it wil be easier for you to clone the scenario onwards. Plus, you do not have to map it anymore because you know the name of the field, you can just type it.

It save your precious minutes.


The flow is quite straightforward.

From webhook, we will sanitize the Phone number, create a task in ClickUp as part of CRM, notify the team in Slack and store it in Google Sheet.

That’s all you need.

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